Civil Engineering Services

MSA provides comprehensive Civil Engineering services for governmental agencies, municipalities and private clients. Our services have included planning, design, permitting and construction services during construction of a wide range of projects that include expertise in the following areas:

  • Design, permitting and construction management of canal dredging, roads, drainage, water and wastewater pipelines, pumping stations, treatment and disposal projects for multiple local municipalities and other government entities.
  • Project and construction management, including scheduling, cost estimating, inspection and post-construction certifications services
  • Design and permitting of primary and secondary drainage collection systems for land development projects, municipalities, etc.
  • Design and permitting of roadway resurfacing, roadway drainage improvement and roadway water quality improvements.
  • Design and permitting of a drainage pumping station and associated drainage wells.
  • Civil Infrastructure Master Planning and Analysis for public and private sector clients.
  • Design of Water Transmission and Distribution Systems, including hydraulic analysis to verify fire and domestic flows.
  • Design of Sanitary Sewer Collection Transmission and Pumping Systems.
  • Design of Primary and Secondary Drainage Disposal Systems such as dry and wet retention, positive outfalls, gravity and injection drainage wells and drainage pump stations.
  • Design of roadway improvements for private developments and municipal clients.
  • Development of dredging plans and specifications for canal maintenance, dredging improvement and associated sediment quality sampling.
  • Regulatory permitting/approvals for civil infrastructure from the jurisdictional regulatory agencies, including Miami-Dade County DERM (Class I thru Class VI) and Environmental Resource Permits (ERP) from SFWMD, FDEP, and USACOE..
  • Economic Feasibility Studies and Value Engineering Services.
  • General engineering studies
  • Expert testimony in all above areas